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Project Details: 

Eleven Seven Fitness started in 2020 during the pandemic as a way for people to stay active and move while not having to be around a lot of people in an outdoor environment. The on-the-go gym that is mobile and located anywhere in South Florida. The name came from the dimension of the trailer that carries all the equipment. Client asked for a modern, athletic design that gave it a professional look but not too strong and grungy as this pertains to all types of people. 

Brand Design & Strategy:

Client provided drawings of the brand that they thought of and wanted me to elevate it as an option. Highlighting the box shape that would be the "trailer". As well as their slogan "Mobility. Performance. Strength."

Trailer Custom Wrap:

Branded the trailer with the new logo including the slogan. Client wasn't able to to a full wrap but was able to give them a design that would help with the budget at hand.

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