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Project Details: 

Another Bloomin' Nursery really took off with their business during the pandemic. More people are home and working on their landscaping. We found that online sales were rapidly growing for businesses at this time, making it a no brainer for me to create a new impactful ecommerce website for the them. With a new website came a new logo. 

Brand Design & Strategy:

Their original was a basic and non-appealing logo that didn't scream landscaping/plant industry. I wanted to give their logo a boutique feel with flare. The brand has a less saturated dark green as the main color with other bright eye catching colors making it really 'BLOOM' like during the spring but this logo is year round. The client still wanted to have a flower icon incorporated in the logo. I created a shape that can be used on it's own with multiple colors, one color, as well as using the small the negative space to create a pattern as you see to the left.

Website Strategy:

After looking at their previous website, not only was this new brand going to bring it life but it was determined that there needed to be more clear information about the nursery, the business services now that the pandemic was in effect, and an online shop to allow people buy plants and choose whether to have them delivered or pick up. We saw more sales through the website as the viewers were able to view the plants and customize their plant selection based on size, color and types.

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