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Project Details: 

Bartram Walk Spa & Salon is a boutique spa and salon located in North Florida. They came to me feeling that their original website was outdated and not aesthetically appealing to their viewers. The website needed a better visuals, user experience, and SEO. I also helped with social media graphics and templates to direct customers to landing pages such as their services, information about treatments, shop products online, specials and events that the business holds, and contact for an appointment.

Website Strategy & Design:

The direction of the website was to create a clean and well organized website to give the clients a better experience. Focusing on making sure the services, information, and shop was laid out to direct viewers where they needed to go. While building the experience for the viewers, I also had to be mindful of how my client is going receive the information on the backend to make sure it is easy and seamless to get new leads.

Social Media:

Social media is their way of connecting and marketing their customers to their services, products and scheduling appointments. I created eye catching, basic motion graphics to pull the viewer's attention and on their specials and events page.

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