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Project Details: 

FROPRO is a snack bar business with a brand that reflects youthful, energetic, and mission based.


Shape and size of the packaging vs the actual bar. Did it make sense? How would this help the business all around.


Members of FROPRO came to the idea of reducing the size of the packaging with the result that there would be more product on the stores shelves and also reducing the amount of material per box and bar. While we knew this was a big change, we knew in the long run this was going to benefit not only the business but also the environment.



It was then my job to take the existing graphics and put them on the new packaging. Working diligently on the dieline files for the box and pouch focusing on the small details of cuts, folds, and user experience with the packages. Those updates had to reflect on their website. Creating 3D renderings for the webiste developer to plug into their unique user experience website. Then to update more brand related marketing items such as: web banner graphics for sales and updates, emails, social media graphics (static and motion), stickers, brand sell sheets, and cards that get placed inside the shipping boxes being sent out to customers, and much more.

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