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Project Details: 

Red's Better Bites is a product that believes pets should eat healthy, delicious food that wont impact their quality of life. They needed a brand and creative marketing ads to tell the story of how Red's Better Bites was the better choice of pet food.

Brand Design & Strategy:

The goal of the brand visual was to show hand crafted, young living with playful colors. It's established that organic, healthy food already have the natural color look of browns and greens. I wanted to go in a little different direction to be appealing but still using colors that are natural: yellow for sun, blue for water and green for vegetation. The style of the logo I wanted to be more playful because when I think of pets I think of play time and friend to be playful with. It's like having a child, am I right?

Along with the logo being playful I wanted to take that same direction with the icons and using them as a pattern. Also a great way to identify ingredients and keywords on the packaging.

Ad Creative:

Red's Better Bites ads are a way to connect emotionally with their customers. Using the emotion and playfulness of pet photography will attract the customer's emotion in the ad creative. Apart of imagery, the attitude and language should implement the word "Better", reflecting the quality of food and  life for your pets.

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