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Project Details: 

Taco Takedown Taco and Tequila Festival is an upcoming event that celebrates top rated tacos and tequila of the event location. The event will feature a wide variety of tacos, tequila, live music, and Mexican wrestling entertainment. I will create a logo, brand strategy and event graphics, digital and print that will help promote the event and increase attendance.

Brand Strategy & Design:

I created a unique and eye-catching logo that reflects the spirit and energy of the event. Focusing mostly on the entertainment factor of the Mexican wrestler to stand out. With that I also involved a lot of fun patterns and colors to bring a lot of flair. The brand will be used throughout all marketing materials, event flyers, posters, banners, social media posts, and event promotional items.

Proposal Folder:

To attract sponsors and vendors, I created a proposal folder that includes information about the event. This will slightly change based on location to give the viewers a sense of what the event is about and how it will look on site.

Event Graphics:

A cohesive visual experience for attendees i is used throughout all signage of the event. The event is broken up into 3 categories: Tacos, Tequila, and Fiesta and have a designated design to help with directional signage at the event and on an event map.

The use of colors and icons will help the attendees.

Promotional Items:

This is an effective way to keep brand awareness beyond the event. Having it apart of the VIP packages and available for purchase at all events. Tshirts, glasses, VIP event badges, lanyards, koozies, and much more.

Social Media:

Social media will be a crucial component of the marketing strategy. The posts will include event details, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the planning process, and teaser content to generate excitement among followers. The branding and logo will be incorporated into all social media posts to ensure brand consistency.

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