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Project Details: 

TUL, a private brand of Office Depot, approached the team with the goal to have an event and in store experience. It was a requirement to showcase the notebooks and pens with a high-end, elevated design. The TUL event fixture was featured in the 2019 SOBE Wine and Food Festival Event where thousands of people, and even top chefs, were there to experience TUL products.

Design Strategy:

Take the current brand design and create a modern, elevated, interactive experience. The TUL notebooks and pens have a unique patent on their design so the best thing to do was to create a space that allows people to interact with the customizable notebook that has multiple components and the pens that write so fluid making it hard to stop writing.

Fixture Strategy:

TUL needed 3 experiences: event/trade show, pop up small space event, and retail level experiences. Each required different fixture components that involved easy pop-up and breakdown processes, lighting, signage and customer interaction. 

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